How to design a Scandinavian inspired home

By Kim McFayden 5 years ago

It’s no secret that I’m just a wee bit obsessed with Scandi interiors. You only have to look at my own home which is very much inspired by Scandinavian design for its elegant simplicity, minimalist lines and the natural beauty of timber. It’s no wonder Scandi design is so popular here in Australia. It fits in so well with our pared back aesthetic and lifestyle.

Some of the big name Scandinavian designers are outside the budget of many people (myself included) so I’m always on the lookout for designers who are tapping in to the Scandi ethos of quality craftsmanship, beauty and simplicity but within a realistic price range.

I recently came across Jason Agustina, an Australian designer furniture company which does things entirely differently to most design companies. They cut out the middle man by connecting you to talented designers and craftsmen, making their designs a lot more affordable.

Sometimes it’s hard to picture how a piece of furniture will look against the colours and textures of your home. Jason Agustina has re-imagined online furniture shopping by giving you the chance to try before you buy. If it doesn’t look fab, return it! You’ve got to love that.

A lot of this range could slot straight into my place 😉








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