A landscape design full of life, colour & texture

By Kim McFayden 9 years ago
A landscape design full of life, colour & texture

The owners of this home asked Pepo Botanic Design to create an exterior entertaining space with lush tropical planting. The pool which houses the family pet turtle at one end was to settle into the space and be cool and inviting. The lawn which was used mainly by the family dog was to be kept. The garden is viewed from many areas of the house so had to look great day and night.

In the designers words: “To allow the pool to settle into the space it was important to give the garden beds a sense of depth to do this a range of plants were selected with a mix of colour and texture. The lawn was broken up to extend the lines of the pool with Cyperus papyrus, a plant associated with water. A feature tree was required to break up the wall of the garage, the tropical frangipani was selected and when lit at night it creates a beautiful shadow. The vertical element of the walls of the house has been accentuated with the use of stainless steel wires and bars in a triangle pattern. These have climbers and are uplit at night. The strategy was to add life, colour and texture to the hard surfaces so as to create a beautiful soft lush experience.

[Photography by Brent Winstone]

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