Timber clad beauty in Long Island, New York

By Kim McFayden 5 years ago
Long Island architecture

This fab looking joint on Long Island in New York was designed by Bates Masi architects. The house is clad in wide cedar boards which have been fixed with custom stainless steel clips. Beneath the cladding is a wall assembly nearly 20 inches thick (!) which was designed to give the owners the best that money could buy in terms of acoustic insulation to block the noise of the nearby bustling village.

The walls were built with a poured concrete core which was wrapped in insulating foam, providing excellent thermal insulation and extremely low sound transmission. The walls are strong enough to act as structural beams, enabling the roof to span over both the large living area and the outdoor deck without the need for any further support.

While the stainless steel was primarily for functional reasons, doesn’t it look great? The detail and openness of the kitchen and bathroom spaces are also a winning combination.

What are your thoughts on this house?

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